Why Sauteing is Better
While methods like steaming are better than boiling, the answer depends on the vegetable. … Saute, don’t fry – Sauteing in a bit of healthy cooking oil, such as extra-virgin olive oil, is a great way to cook many vegetables.
Since vegetables don’t come in contact with cooking water during steaming, more vitamins are retained. Dry cooking methods such as grilling, roasting and stir-frying also retain a greater amount of nutrients than boiling. … Contrary to popular belief, microwaving doesn’t kill nutrients in vegetables.
Good tips when Sautéing vegetables
• Use a flat shallow sided saucepan
• Don’t overcrowd the pan
• Don’t let the oil burn and smoke – wait until you see the fat is rippling
• Only use a tablespoon of oil
• Let the food get some colour and crust before tossing it around
Any vegetable can be sautéed, especially the more tender vegetables: green beans, asparagus, mushrooms, zucchini, and peppers. Harder varieties such as potatoes and other root vegetables may need to be cut smaller to be able to saute.

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