Does Your Baby Have Hay Fever?

Does Your Baby Have Hay Fever? Hay fever – an allergy to plant pollen that is more of a problem during summer months – is quite rare in a child


Cucumber Cucumber may be given to your baby at about the age of 10 months, though it offers very little in the way of nutritional benefit, and often causes wind


Carrots Carrots are usually one of the first vegetables to be introduced, as they are easy to digest – and full of important nutrients. The ‘nitrates in carrots’ discussion is


Asparagus Asparagus has a delicate flavour and contains many important nutrients – including some protein! It can be a little difficult to digest, so is not recommended as a first


Melons There are many kinds of melon – some of the most popular being Cantaloupe and similar orange-fleshed varieties, due to increased nutritional values. All varieties are nutritious, and their delicate


Grapes Grapes are highly nutritious and may be introduced after 6 months of age. However, their skin and shape make them unsuitable for giving whole – this can present a


Apples Introduce apple as a first food when your baby is about 6 months old. Apples are nutrient-rich and easy to digest; they are also very versatile, so can be


Avocado Avocados provide important nutrients and make an excellent first food when your baby is about 6 months old. They mash to a creamy-smooth texture to serve alone or mixed


Apricots Introduce apricots to your baby from about 6 months of age. Apricots are delicious and a good source of nutrition. Apricots are good for baby (and you): Apricots contain