Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato The nutritional value of sweet potatoes and their nutty/sweet flavour make them great as one of baby’s first foods – from about 6 months of age. They are


Pumpkin Pumpkins come in many varieties, shapes, sizes and colours, and are often referred to as ‘Winter Pumpkins’, which is to do with their season but also signifies their growth


Peas A tiny vegetable, packed with nutritious goodness, peas are good to introduce as one of your baby’s first green vegetables, at around the age of 8 months. Peas are


Strawberries It is particularly important to discuss the introduction of strawberries with your baby’s doctor or paediatrician, as strawberries are one of the foods with very high allergy risk. The


Persimmons Two varieties of persimmon are widely available in season – Hachiya, and Fuyu. A rather ‘exotic’- sounding tropical fruit, persimmons are full of flavour and easy to prepare. Persimmons


Blueberries Unlike other berries that are not recommended for babies until around 12 months of age, most authorities agree that blueberries are the exception, and may safely be introduced at


Banana Bananas may be introduced to your baby at about 6 months of age, and make an excellent first food, as they provide good nutrition and are really convenient… peel,


Apples Introduce apple as a first food when your baby is about 6 months old. Apples are nutrient-rich and easy to digest; they are also very versatile, so can be


Apricots Introduce apricots to your baby from about 6 months of age. Apricots are delicious and a good source of nutrition. Apricots are good for baby (and you): Apricots contain

Beetroot Puree

Beetroot Puree INGREDIENTS 6 DIFFICULTY Easy SERVINGS 4 RATING PREPARATION TIME 5 mins COOKING TIME 35 mins AGE GROUP 8 – 10 months INGREDIENTS 1 large beetroot or 2 small