Apples Introduce apple as a first food when your baby is about 6 months old. Apples are nutrient-rich and easy to digest; they are also very versatile, so can be

Apple, Beetroot, Chicken and Mango Medley

Apple, Beetroot, Chicken and Mango Medley INGREDIENTS 7 DIFFICULTY Medium SERVINGS 8 RATING PREPARATION TIME 10 mins COOKING TIME 10 mins AGE GROUP 10 – 12 months INGREDIENTS 300 grams

Apple Raspberry Puree

Apple Raspberry Puree INGREDIENTS 3 DIFFICULTY Easy SERVINGS 3 RATING PREPARATION TIME 2 mins COOKING TIME 10 mins AGE GROUP 8 – 10 months INGREDIENTS 1 eating apple ½ cup

Vitamin C for Your Baby

Vitamin C for Your Baby The benefits of Vitamin C in the diet are many… Vitamin C is: essential for healthy growth and development vital for many of the body’s

Iron for Your Baby

Iron for your Baby Some babies are at higher risk of iron deficient anaemia than others: Premature babies – baby’s iron stores are built during the final few months of

The Dirty Dozen

The Dirty Dozen  ‘The Dirty Dozen’ – What is it? What does it Mean for Your Baby? In terms of food produce, the ‘Dirty Dozen’ list - and the ‘Clean

How to Puree Baby Food

How to Puree Baby Food Making homemade food purees for your baby is very rewarding and quite simple. You can also have fun being creative with combinations of foods, as

Freezing Baby Food

Freezing Baby Food You know that making your own baby food is a wonderful idea, but if you are a busy parent you don’t have the time to make meals


Tofu (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Some information about tofu for you to consider… In some countries and cultures tofu has been part of the diet for many years. A


Peas A tiny vegetable, packed with nutritious goodness, peas are good to introduce as one of your baby’s first green vegetables, at around the age of 8 months. Peas are